Pre-Pre-Service Emotions

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post! I’m still in the USA, and I leave for D.C. tomorrow morning. We depart as a team on Sunday to Dakar, Senegal.

I’ve been waiting since early December (9 months) for this weekend, and it seems unreal that everything has come together and I’ve finished my medical tasks, and online trainings. I’m also very nervous. Nervous to meet my team, these are after all people I will be spending a lot of time with. Also nervous to learn a new language. To be conversationally fluent in 10 short weeks is CRAZY to think about! To also be in potentially little to no contact with my family is an idea I have a hard time fathoming. My whole life, they’ve always been a call away, now it will be much harder to reach them and I imagine it will be very hard to not be homesick. However, I’m mostly excited to see the country, to see what I learn, to see if I have what it takes to stick it out for the 2 years. This is my dream afterall and I want to experience every minute of it. Words cannot express how excited I am to live a different life, to do what I love, to experience my life without so many luxuries.

I’ve done my fair share of youtube-ing and looking at blogging sites to kind of see what life in Senegal will be like. Since it is a right hand/left hand country, that will be the hardest thing to adapt to in regards to physical adaptations, I think. Along the same lines, learning how to bucket shower will be a whole new experience. It will also be very hot, not sure about humid yet, maybe during the wet season, so I’m expecting to sweat, all the time. Sleeping inside a mosquito net will also be a new experience. I am excited to live inside a thatched roof hut rather than a house, I wonder how different and similar it will be. I wonder what the markets will be like and language, culture, so many things I can’t quite picture yet. It’s all very exciting and a little bit unreal, I can’t wait!!!



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