Initial thoughts

First, my emotions are everywhere and so crazy!!! I’ve felt nervous, excited, stressed, hungry, grumpy, all sorts of emotions!

We took off from DC at 5pm, and landed in Dakar at 4:45am! Apparently our flight got in early, and the staff worked very hard to make everything go smoothly, so that was already a great sign! We didn’t eat breakfast until 9:00am, but it felt like FOREVER because most of us didn’t sleep on the flight. Mistake. I tried, but the excitement was just too much! Dakar reminds me a lot of Taiwan, but with fresher air, and more litter. My first impression when exiting the plane (which was straight outside) was HUMID! Not hot, but humid. I immediately began sweating! Customs was very lenient, I ran my fingerprints, then I was done! The bus ride to Thiés took 1.5 hours, and on an empty stomach and no sleep it was tough. Finally we made it and we handed some passport legal things, then did some orientation around the Thiés Training Facility.

Breakfast. It was half a baguette with some nutella smear and peanut butter (which had a nutmeg-y taste to it). Then we got to rest until lunch. From there we went over safety and expectations for the rest of PST.

The expectations are business casual for your country (so khakis and a v neck with some flip flops) during all of PST, except when we do technical training because we get dirty being agriculture volunteers.

The training facility is composed of about 8 buildings, and all the classrooms have air conditioning! I also have wifi and electricity so it’s been neat! I can exchange money, mail things, play sports, and much more at the training facility. Peace corps has their stuff together!

I’m loving everything but the heat right now. Adapting to that has been tough, but knowing my fellow teammates are in the same boat totally helps me feel better. We get language assignments tomorrow, so we’ll see where I go for CBT (community based training)!

For now, that’s all!



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