Mary Diatta la tudd

This past week was my first CBT stay. This is the time when we integrate into local community and practice our language skills the most. We also have assessments for Ag tasks.

My family is Catholic and I live in a fruit orchard oasis. The garden is full of citrus and mango trees. We also have pigs, so life’s pretty fun! My siblings (I have 5, but only 3 live at home) teach me a lot. Our Ag site is also in my backyard so the boys come to my house to work. I was named after my older sister, Mary Diatta. Life is very fun minus the stress of being forced into an environment that is challenging and feels a little unfruitful.

Life’s simple tasks are a little more inconvenient than life in the States, but not undoable. Bucket showering and wiping with my left were not that hard when I was forced to adapt.

I love sharing meals with my family and playing soccer with grapefruits. They are a very fun group! They teach me songs from church in wolof to help me practice.

Pictures to come soon!


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