I apologize for the typos I do everything on my phone so it’s a little bit difficult to proofread fully. Also I am doing 2 posts in one day so I can post pictures (I have good internet now)!

Attaya is an activity the Senegalese do together to spend time together. It’s composed of 3 rounds of tea. Specifically green tea.


Its cooked on a charcoal metal box.


We drink it out of small glasses. If the family can afford it, they can add mint.


This is my mom making it. To make attaya truly delicious, you need to create foam. But don’t drink the foam! Slurp the tea through it. Foam is created by pouring the tea back and forth between 2 glasses.


Each round the tea gets sweeter, though it’s already super sweet.

The Senegalese don’t consume a lot of sugar to start with, so this is a real treat for them. Attaya is typically consumed when it’s too hot to work outside. It gives us as PCTs a chance to meet and get to know our community.



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