18 Ways You Can Tell You Need a Vacation

Peace Corps Senegal edition.

1. When you can’t tolerate cars/vehicles falling apart anymore.

2. When you become a savage and don’t peel your salty peanuts

3. Speaking of peanuts, when you buy a bag of sugar peanuts and eat them in a day, and you don’t even like them…

4. When eating your favorite local dish, it no longer lights a fire in your heart to consume the entire bowl.

5. When your least favorite dinner of a grain and yogurt becomes the dinner you crave every week.

6. When teenage boys harass you to buy them bissap juice and don’t even greet you and you retaliate by scaring them with a flying rock. 

7. Even the best restaurants don’t fulfill your NEED for American food anymore.

8. When you grow up bilingual, but can’t even think in your native tongue anymore because local language has consumed your mind.

9. When the driver fills the gas tank of a car while it’s running, and it doesn’t even frighten you.

10. When you despise rain even though it helps all farmers (mind you, you work in agriculture) with growing their crops and feeding their animals.

11. When every single man in your host country angers you because the consistent harassment pisses you off. (i.e. propose to you, crowd your space in a sept plass without apologizing, quiz you on how well you know local language, belittle you because you are a woman, not even hide the fact that they are checking you out (umm.. what is there to look at, I’m fully covered I live in a Muslim country), etc.)

12. When seeing 2 turkeys on the side of the road causes you to do a double take because you only see goats, donkeys, horses, doves, and sheep all day e’ry day.

13. When you become a master in handwashing that your clothes smell good when they are dry (wait..what?)

14. When you are cold at any temperature <90°

15. When the shoppoholic (hi my name is Tiffany and I’m a shoppoholic) in you is no longer satisfied by fabric shopping because it becomes a hassle to get things made.

16. When someone doesn’t have headphones while you are stuck in a 5 hour car ride with them and all you want to do is grab their phone and throw it out the window.

17. Which is totally okay, because litter is a normal way of life, and the environmentalist in you, finally caves and conforms because it’s a losing battle…

18. Lastly, when your site mate says you need to go on vacation because you have been mean for a week straight.

    Now go book your vacation! 


    I hope you had a good laugh out of this. I sure did. Seeing that I leave for vacation in a couple days I’ve noticed certain things about myself and my current opinions of local Senegalese culture, I started to jot them down and before I knew it, I had a list. I thought it’d be fun to mimic a buzzfeed article! Feel free to share this! 



    2 thoughts on “18 Ways You Can Tell You Need a Vacation

    1. Hi there Tiffany! Hope your vacation was rejuvenating!

      Just wanted to make sure you had heard about BloggingAbroad.org’s New Years Blog Challenge. It’s a great Third Goal activity, plus extra motivation to start the year strong on your blog. I’d love to see you join in this year! Just sign up by January 1: http://bloggingabroad.org/2017-challenge. All the best to you in 2017!

      -Michelle C., RPCV and former PC “Blog It Home” winner


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