Quick Facts:

  • Located in West Africa, it holds the furthest west point on the continent
  • Dakar is the capital
  • Senegal used to be a French Colony and gained independence in 1960
  • April 4th is their celebrated independence day
  • They have a democratic political system with many political parties
  • There are 3 primary ethnicities, however there are many many more.
    • Wolof- 36%
    • Pulaar- 26.5%
    • Sereer- 16.5%
  • The country is predominantly Muslim, especially in the north
  • The government acknowledges all Muslim holidays and Roman Catholic holidays

My site: Saint-Louis, Senegal

  • 4th largest city in Senegal
  • World Heritage Site
  • Capital of Colonial Senegal to the French
  • ~280,000 people
  • Hosts 1 of 3 all girl schools in Senegal
  • On the corner of Senegal, the Atlantic Ocean, and Mauritania
  • The national dish of Chebujin was created here






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