I was inspired by a fellow PCV to create a tab for packages. Under this page I will keep an ongoing and updated list of things I want in packages. Hopefully this makes it easier for everyone to send me packages. My permanent address during my PC service is:

PCV Tiffany Chou
B.P. 1037
Saint-Louis, Senegal
West Africa

  • Kashi Cookies: Oatmeal Dark
  • Dark chocolate
  • Cheez-its
  • Nuts- I can only find peanuts and cashews in country
  • Dried fruit: mangoes, cherries, and apricots are my favorite, but really all dried fruit is good!
  • Almond butter. Little packets ate just fine. I like Justin’s vanilla almond butter
  • Beef jerky- savory please!

Tips for custom forms: be vague: if you send food just say the general category, there’s no need to be specific.

Let me know if you have any questions: