Healthcare in the Peace Corps

So originally this post was supposed to be about snacks in Senegal, but because of recent events I’ll be sharing my stories about my personal health in the past 3 weeks. 

It all started with being light headed. I came to Dakar (the capital of Senegal and where PC Senegal HQ is) to check out what the cause was. Every PC country has what they call Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO), who are essentially doctors or physician’s assistants who help treat us for every medical problem we have in country. It’s all covered by PC and they also give us meds, including malaria, over the counters, and multivitamins. In Senegal we have 4. One from America, one from Senegal, one from Togo, and one from Morrocco. Under certain conditions we are allowed to stay in the office in a place called “sick bay.” The sick bay is composed of 3 bunk bed rooms, a kitchen, a washer, and air conditioning all around. 

It took them 4 days to figure out it was a mix of problems. So I finally get released by med from sick bay and I’m heading back to my site when 15 minutes away from the office I get into a car accident. I hit my head, my knee, and had some other bruises. On this side of the world seat belts are not common and a lot of the time, they are even broken, so naturally I didn’t wear one. Luckily I sat in the back seat so my injuries were not as severe as if I sat in front. I was sent back to med, and was finally released when my concussion symptoms were gone. 

Unfortunately my initial test didn’t show that I strained a ligament in my knee, so last week I came back to Dakar to get an x ray and check out some other pain I’m having. 

So you might ask, where is Tiffany now? The answer is in sick bay lying on a couch in Dakar, with a knee brace. My unlucky streak continues because today I contracted the flu, so sickly me is just resting until I get released. 

So here lies the story of an unlucky Peace Corps Volunteer who came in for one thing, then exponentially increased their medical problems in Senegal. 

I hope to write a post about snacks soon, and I hope to be rid of all medical problems in the next 2 weeks. After all, I’m going to Europe, and I want to be healthy for that. Thanks for reading 🙂

Until next time,